Lab Opportunities

The lab welcomes undergraduates and graduate students who have an interest and/or experience in microbiology, cell biology, or infectious diseases.

Graduate Students

We are seeking enthusiastic graduate students to join our research team. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Jeremy Bechelli at to discuss the potential of joining the lab. Graduate research projects include:

  1. Interactions of Rickettsiae with mTOR in human endothelial cells.
  2. Studying the pathophysiology of Colorado tick fever virus (CTFV) in human endothelial cells.

Undergraduate Students

Are you an undergraduate SHSU student looking for an opportunity to enhance your education? By conducting real-world research, you will gain a better appreciation of biology and will expand your expertise in laboratory science.

Whether you are seeking a summer, fall or spring experience, or a longer-term research opportunity that provides extensive hands-on laboratory or field experience, the Bechelli Lab has an opportunity for you!

Contact Dr. Bechelli to inquire about lab opportunities.

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